What am I doing?

It’s a transitional week for me, which means that I’m in between wedding season and the holiday season.  There are daily deliveries, ordering for the weeks ahead, planning for design classes and studio clean up . The unusual thing for me is I have spent about 3 days doing ‘normal’ things that most people do daily. Laundry, dusting, mopping and all things house related. It feels strange to be in the house so much, to have the laundry caught up, everything put away and cobwebs gone and no dust on furniture.  It’s a good thing to slow down a bit, to finish odds and ends, to sit by the fire and have a home cooked meal more than one night a week. Here are a couple projects completed.

Moving the coffee maker  cleared off so much counter space. Finding the ‘right’ place for it was easier with this great cabinet!  The girls at 296 Main have great antiques and finds, thanks to this local, small business ! Just having the additional space to store my Amazon delivery or anything else makes me  happy!

furniture, antique cabinet

antique cabinetabout meMoving the bunnies to our place for the winter was another project. The grandchildren take care of them normally, but with construction at their place the bunnies are in my care for awhile.



It’s kind of like they are snowbirds for the winter, I hope without the snow !


cake decorating, about me



I took a cake decorating class, a bit out of my comfort zone, but definitely fun with a friend. Thanks to another small business  @ Layered Cake Artistry! 


Think ahead to the design classes next weekend!

Sunday, November 18 @ Anelare Winery 2 pm

Mon. Nov. 19th @ the studio 6 pm

Tues. Nov. 20th @ the studio 6pm

Cost $55.00 please contact me to RSVP





























I’m looking forward to the ‘Be Thankful’ design classes:

Sunday, November 18 @ Anelare Winery Benton City, Wa. at  2pm                                                                                                                                                                    Monday, November 19th @ the studio at 6pm or Tuesday, November 20th @ the studio at 6pm

Class cost is $ 55.00 Please RSVP to me either through the facebook page or text me @ 541/571-2172.






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