To the brides…

Together brides and I develop a trusted relationship.
It builds through the initial contact form, emails, messages and calls.
We share together hopes, dreams and visions.
We smooth out bumps, glitches and budgets.
Delivering the flowers, I hope to see the bride receive her bouquet, sometimes it doesn’t happen.
When I receive a text message thanking me for the flowers…it warms my heart, maybe a tear and reinforces why I spend my days with flowers.
Thank you to all the brides and mothers of the bride, I appreciate all of you!

“All the flowers were beyond beautiful that day! Thank you so much.” mother of a bride
“Thanks Kris! The flowers looked beautiful!” recent bride
“LOVED my bouquet and all the special details you helped me with! Can’t thank you enough!!” recent bride
“Thank you for your amazing flowers!! They made the reception look so beautiful! I absolutely LOVED my bouquet!!” recent bride
“The bouquets and the boutonnieres were perfect! So beautiful! Garland was amazing…the whole kit and caboodle and I got so many compliments on the flowers!” recent bride.

Brides who love flowers are the perfect match for me!
With appreciation to all of you,

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