Sympathy - Tribute - Celebrate Life

Loss is profound and no one can know the kind of pain someone is in. It’s uncomfortable, you want your support to be expressed and you are unsure.

It is my goal for you to feel like you are surrounded with love as you remember. Personalizing flowers is a signature element at KRISanthemums. Here are some examples: they loved to bowl and we used a bowling pin, they used a lasso rope on their ranch we included it on the standing spray, were they a sports fan & wore a baseball cap, the Maltese cross and the fire service was important to them, fishing was their enjoyment and we used their pole, farming was their life and we used wheat from the family farm.

It’s ok if you don’t have all the below answers, I’m glad to help.

I'll come to you, you are welcome at the studio or we can work on line.

Information to get started:

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