Studio, tools and class announcement

studio, tools, classes
Flower tools like pruners are found in my studio by different sizes, shapes , brands and colors. Flower tools like wire cutters, wrenches, pliers of various sizes and shapes fill many shelves. The drawers have: different gauge wire, pipe stem cleaners, needle nose pliers and wrenches of all kinds. Clear tape, green tape, duct tape, masking tape and glues of all kinds.I think from the photo I need a new pvc tee to hold the bracelets when I make them. The glue that is my go-to is ‘oasis floral adhesive‘ and sesame oil to remove that glue from my fingers. Various aprons to keep what I’m wearing protected. The actual sliding barn door with a chalkboard on it keeps the orders in line. . Much of the products are there for use on a regular basis.
The studio also has many things for ‘comfort’ such as stools with adjustable heights, fans, air conditioning, heat, running water, alexa for listening to music and the very important ice maker that distributes tiny cubes.
A pretty chandelier over the work table, the antique dining table cut in half for the desk, lime green sofa for guests and the important dog bed under my desk for ‘bugs’.
If you’d like to see me when I work, where I work or take a class from me you will see how it all flows with flowers.

Announcing fall classes:
Thanksgiving Design Classes in the studio are 🙁 you can text me, call or email to reserve a space… 541/571-2172)

Sunday, November 18th in the studio at 3:00 pm
Monday, November 19th in the studio at 6:00 pm

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