Monday morning flowers…

To start your Monday off with beautiful flowers!

A week ago Saturday we made the journey to  Grass Valley for a wedding. We arrived at 7 am and  placed flowers where they went on the arch for the ceremony, placed all the ones for centerpieces on one table, bouquets went into an extra fridge  and we were off to get back for two more wedding flower deliveries that day.  It took months of organizing, scheduling, counting, re-counting, looking at lists multiple times, preparing containers early in the week and Kalene and I were completely finished at 7pm on Friday night! That was planned as we left at 4 am to start delivering for the day!

Below are photos from a friend of the bride’s mother and a huge ‘thank you’ to her for sharing these with me!

Can’t wait for the photographers photos.

Congratulations to Jana and Brent, wishing you both much happiness!

ceremony flowers









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