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Spring tulips and ranunculus have been filling the studio lately.

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It also has me wanting to share how my small business operates.

Thank you to Seth Godin for the encouragement to share this with all of you.

I try to invest more in each interaction than any rational human would advise.

I want to be personal with  each order that comes to me.

I want to create an imbalance of effort and care.

I provide each order with quality flowers and offer more than you would expect.

I choose quality over quantity, every time.

I will go beyond what it takes to make your experience terrific.

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I specialize in just flowers…no balloons, no stuffed animals, no textiles or food.

I promise that my designs will be unique and  one of a  kind.

Flowers for real weddings  are  important to me.

Flowers for local orders are important to me.

Integrity and honesty with my clients.


KRISanthemums is my love for  flowers.



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