January refresh with flowers

January is a time where many creative businesses refresh, reflect and plan for the year ahead. 

Flowers fit right in with all those parts of my life and small business.

Enjoy the range from tropicals to refresh, bouquets to reflect upon and the new logo to help me plan ahead!

Enjoying tropical flowers helps me to look at another environment and imagine what could be the possibilities. It’s refreshing to get away and enjoy the sun,sand and warm water ! It is another perspective to look at your business, your town and your people from another location…you are refreshed when you come back.( Encouraging  everyone to get away when you can).


Looking back to wedding flowers in 2018 helps me to evaluate how the overall look was. It reminds me of the day itself (extremely hot) and how the bride was such a kind and wonderful person to work with. Each bride I worked with in 2018 was ‘really’ a blessing to work with!


Planning ahead with a new logo is a great start to the studio and how everything works there. As I am changing everything over I can see if  certain items need  a bit of an update or adjustment. There’s always room for improvement,  growth and I want that to happen for  my creative business.


The gardens are always getting updates and there are some coming for  2019. Starting with the room the bride gets ready in…new paint and new overall look!  More to come with all that…it’s big!



wedding flowers, bouquets

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