It’s September…it’s just me

For a while now I’ve known that I needed to post a new blog on my page.
Reality hit when I saw the last one I posted was in March :(.
What has happened from March through September?
( for some reason 10 seems to be a good number to explain this)
1. Lots and lots of beautiful flowers have left the studio along with great brides who appreciate beautiful flowers.
To let you know that, here are some comments I’ve received since March.
“Thank you for the beautiful flowers! They were perfect!”
“The flowers were wonderful! They were perfect!”
“The bouquets and boutonnieres were perfect! Garland was amazing…the whole kit and kaboodle and I got so many compliments on the flowers!
2. Investing in my floral education and floral business took me to Houston for inspiration through the Fleurology 2017 where I met fabulous designers, shared with and learned from. Many who I still keep in touch with today.
3.Local community events(Farm-City Pro Rodeo) which means watering in the greenhouse for 4+ hours daily when we were over 100 degrees / seemed like months.
4. Life just happens…we make choices on what to focus on and what to put aside. Sometimes exhaustion happens there too.
5. Booking for 2018 has already happened. Thank you to those brides who I am excited to work with in 2018. Connecting with you and sharing our love of flowers is the fulfilling part of what I do.
6. The gardens have been busy with weddings and events as well, which means hours for me on the John Deere z track mower. My husband says, let me mow…somehow he doesn’t get that it gives me down time to mull over ideas and refresh. Besides, I hate to run the weed eater.
7. The gardens are already booked for many 2018 weddings. Which has meant that I have toured many and explained the gardens to many.
8. Family…I have grandkids I adore and I choose to make time for them and my kids.
9. Computer time starts out at a few minutes and ends up being hours…I spend 3-4 hours per day answering emails, invoicing, ordering and posting to social media. We also had photography of the gardens…look on the gardens page.
10. I appreciate all of you who follow my social media posts on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. (Those avenues have been quick and easy for me from March through September) September and October have some beautiful flowers and brides yet to come.

With appreciation,

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  1. Fran Jones

    Really enjoy your posts. Such great design work. Thanks.

  2. Fran Jones

    Fun posts. Such great design work. Thanks.

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