Lasting longer flowers …

Valentine’s Day is coming, here are some tips to help you! Order soon…or drop a hint 🙂

Cut flowers can last and you can enjoy them with a few tips:

Keep them in a cool place, away from heat and direct sunlight

The water needs to be kept clear and clean…  may need to change it every few days, when you take the stems out of the water, cut at an angle and put back into clean water.

Keep away from fruit ( pears, apples, bananas and anything that produces ethylene gas).

Some flowers last longer than others:  carnations are long lasting, chrysanthemums are long lasting…roses and Gerbera don’t last as long.

Hydrangea stems can be dipped in alum and then into vase water to help take water up the stem to the florets.

Leaves or  debris below the water level will create bacteria …not a good thing.

Tulips will follow the light and grow that direction… if you’ve wondered why they are taller or curve towards a certain way..

Make sure that the bottom of your vase is dry before you place it on furniture…










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