Here I am in December…

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It seems like when I get a chance to write the blog posts, I try to do more than one and then the next time I think about it or find the time it is the next month already!

The Hermiston Flower studio  is busy and full of flowers and that makes  me happy !

Here is what I have been up to …

Ladies night begins a year in advance, trying to think of new ideas, bigger and better than the year before.

It begins with this in the studio…

and here it is in Andee’s Boutique…

We used three orbs: the one above with lights, one with carnations suspended and one with carnation orbs suspended.

This was in construction in the studio.  We also had several vases of white flowers throughout the store.

Our support staff is very willing to help bring to life our visions!

Notice the magnolia wreaths on each suspended piece?




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