Hanging baskets and flowers for Main Street

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The flowering petunia baskets are hanging on the new light poles in our community.

The sitting concrete planters by the  businesses are filled with coordinating baskets of flowers.

Flowers definitely make the town more welcoming on Main Street.

Bringing people  downtown is vital  for local small business owners.

Trying to revitalize a downtown is difficult, time consuming and expensive.

One big thank you goes out to the Hermiston High School Metal Fabrication shop for making the ‘Hermiston’ brackets that the baskets hang on.

Kudos to them for learning skills and putting them to good use for the community.

It takes working together.

The  local downtown merchants association, which is made up of local small business owners are responsible for the beautification  happening  on Main Street.

This quote explains why:

” Working hard for something we don’t care about is called  STRESS. Working hard for something we love is called PASSION,”

Simon Sinek.

Enjoy the beautification of Main Street and support our local businesses there.

hanging baskets




petunia baskets

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