Flowers, what you want & honesty

This is a beautiful, stunning bouquet using rich colors. David Austin garden roses called ‘tess’,

silver dollar eucalyptus, berries, blue thistle, seeded eucalyptus, the dramatic, flowing burgundy amaranthus,

a few pheasant feathers( provided by the bride and groom) and then hidden on the bouquet wrap was

a bracelet the bride’s grandmother never got to give her.

All of our meetings together were great, full of excitement and full of trust from the bride

towards me. The flowers were ordered, delivered …high quality, exactly what I wanted.

The long, flowing amaranthus comes in green, pink or red. The bride said she liked how it flowed

and liked the bright green, but left the color choice up to me. Explaining that the green might

have the look of a holiday wedding, I was honest with the bride and why I chose the burgundy/red colored  amaranthus.

Guiding the bride and educating the bride is part of what I do. 

Finding flowers on-line, on pintrest …can help give a direction.

As a professional in the world of flowers I have learned & experienced years of  being in the problem solving mode when

it comes to weddings and flowers and educating brides.

You can rely on me to be realistic  if flowers grow naturally in that color …

You can rely that If you want seasonal flowers I will help you with that choice…

You can rely that I will be truthful if I think those colors will look good together…

You can rely  that I will be upfront with you about any question or idea you have…

You can be assured I will do my best to accomplish your vision…


Your wedding day will be exactly as how it is supposed to be, because

you have trusted me

photos by the Sweet Life Photography


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