flowers, feelings and focus

spring flowers Flowers and the joy of working in the soil, growing and then designing with  those  flowers is what I truly enjoy.

Spring flowers are such an exciting  welcome. Either blooms on the trees or  blooms pushing up from the ground in daffodils, tulips or hyacinths.

The reality is that ‘flowers’ take hard work, dirty hands, sore backs and that means lots of manual labor.

All the flower photos are from Bennett Botanical Gardens.

lilac blooms

Second come feelings…emotions are present in every flower design and in meeting with every client.

Sharing the feelings  of excitement, joy, anticipation and even tears is what I love about my days.

Being honest, loyal, transparent, loving deeply and being true to my art and clients  are  all qualities that are easily seen when we meet.

spring blooms

Third comes remaining focused  and not distracted.

My focus is not : who knows who, playing the game of politics, what your job/ title is or  getting ahead at the expense of others.

My creative small business focuses on quality flowers, unique designs and customer service.

At the end of the day that is my focus.

tulips, gardens


Flowers are my seclusion

Flowers are my peace

Flowers are my focus.






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