Flowers and perfection…

I started looking at head shots of flower professionals and their advice on having a ‘perfect’ image to portray on a web page or social media. I started looking through my photos and never did find the ‘perfect one’ like I see others have. So, with that type of thinking I came to the conclusion that isn’t me and I’m ok with that. The photos of me are working, sharing flowers and trying to make a difference through flowers. Sometimes we think ‘perfect’ is the normal and it isn’t. Flowers aren’t perfect, they grow and are a product of their environment…weather, bugs, water or lack of. Embracing that uniqueness in each one is where I’m at. Working with the shape or growth of each bloom and respecting that is me. That also means that my style or ‘not perfect’ look isn’t for everyone and that is good. For those that it is … a fabulous relationship and connection with flowers for a lifetime happens. Embrace yourself!


This was a great connection with another person who is trying to make a difference in her own way. When I critique myself I see wrinkles, but really experience that got me to where I am today.
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With a different hairstyle for the critique, it was in a magazine, it’s taken in my happy place and the day was so fun!
Talking about flowers with brides to be and helping them navigate the planning ahead is always a fun part of my flower life.
Education is important in my small business and this reminds me of a great educational opportunity.

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