Flower trust from the bride

The bride and I planned the flower choices, colors, ribbons. Everything was complete with the contract, the deposit, the payment and I felt great about the wedding flowers. That was until I actually got the flowers…I saw the most beautiful yellow peonies and I loved them. The bride had originally wanted sunflowers in her bouquet, but these peonies were here and they were beyond beautiful…I mentally went over and over in my head that I couldn’t put the sunflowers with this delicate, beauty. In my mind I had a completely different look to the bouquet that we had discussed.
I took the plunge and texted the bride to see if she could come by, reassuring her that nothing was wrong. She came by and I went about explaining the differences in textures, colors and overall look…she smiled and said “I trust you and love everything you do, go ahead! But can I please have just 1 sunflower in my bouquet?” Of course I said yes.
peony bouquet, wedding flowers

wedding bouquets

Thank you for trusting in me. Thank you for loving flowers.
Thank you for telling me after your event that your bouquet was more beautiful than you had imagined.
Even if you love sunflowers more :).

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