Flower communication, connection and celebration

It’s Sunday after a  flower wedding weekend and I’m reflecting on that wedding and bride. She was amazing to communicate with, we connected easily on ideas  and she celebrated with happiness over the flowers!  That all feels good and makes me happy. Congratulations to the happy couple!wedding bouquet, peony bouquet


What makes all this happen and work so well?

The initial contact  happens months or even a year before the  wedding, either through my web site contact information form or a phone call. Offering  a consultation where I listen and to the vision for the day, colors, numbers and budget. I’m listening for  feelings about flowers in the wedding, what work of mine resonates with them  and what part I can play in the celebration.  After that consultation I can truthfully tell if we will be a good fit to work together. If you love flowers we will be a great fit, if not we probably won’t…just being truthful here.

garland, ceremony arch

ceremony circle arch


flower petals September 2017 was the initial contact ; date made for  in person consultation; consultation with  deposit paid and contract signed. Date reserved for June23, 2018. From that date till the wedding date there were emails and text messages of shared ideas, photos and questions. Adjustments were made and the final balance paid 4 weeks prior to the wedding.

Estimating that I spent approximately 4 hours consulting from start to completion, figuring out the flower order and placing the order and   processing the order when it came was 3-4 hours. Preparing in the studio for the actual work involved,  collecting the correct ribbon colors, pins, vases, buckets and listing items needed to take with me to the destination for delivery.  When the work began to the time I placed it in the cooler and checked it off as completed was 11 hours of work( different size weddings take different amounts of time). Loading the vehicle for delivery was 30 minutes and I was off for a hour drive to the site. Setting up at the site  took approximately 3 hours, 1 hour drive home and then to unload and put everything away(1 hour).

I’m not adding up the above hours, because it is a tremendous undertaking and amount of actual work. It’s mental work of anticipation,  worry wondering if everything will be accepted as is or will I need to adjust ? It’s physical work of buckets, boxes, repetitive motions and wear and tear. Sleeping well is not a problem.

Why ?

I love flowers, making people happy, celebrating the joy they share and find a tremendous amount of satisfaction in doing a project well. I love the challenge of designing something different for each couple.  Seeing professional images of my work is exciting. Working together with other professional vendors to pull this all together is the fun part.  After each wedding I’m as excited to start preparing for the next one as for the one I just finished.

Hope you enjoyed and hope you follow my blog posts at www.KRISanthemums.com

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  1. Emily Jack


    This was the sweetest thing to read as I also felt like we connected well and that it was so easy to work with you. We received recommendations from other wedding professionals that you work with, and I never doubted that you would create something amazing. I am still smiling over how pretty all of the flowers were (even the next day after sitting in the sun all day) and how many of my family and friends now have beautiful Facebook profile pictures standing under that arch… thank you for everything. Love from a fellow flower lover – the new Mrs. Jack

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