Entrepreneurs…dreams become so much more

Flowers warm my heart and excite how I feel on a daily basis.

local delivery

Finding others that have the same passion for what they are doing and watching them along the way is so encouraging to me.

Signing up for the new  discovery+ channel was easy, especially when you can skip all the advertisements.

Following the flower farmer ‘Floret’ on instagram had me even more intrigued to watch their show. I’ve watched it three times and love it every time.

Then I watched ‘the Lost Kitchen’ and that was such a lovely and encouraging show about her dream, her passion and how she loves what she does. I’ll watch it again for sure.

Watching ‘Magnolia Table’  was ‘real’ and  I think I’ll make baklava  and I’ll start to cook a bit more.

Seeing people who had a dream( or a passion) , worked hard and made that dream become so much more beautiful than they could believe.

It was a good time watching these shows and thought you’d enjoy finding something positive to enjoy.






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