Daily Flower Business…

fall blooms

Coffee in hand, into the studio I go.

It’s time to make sure the daily deliveries are ready, organized.

Taking incoming orders and answering questions.

Thinking ahead to scheduling, orders, emails, text messages or direct messages.

Some days it just doesn’t go as planned.

That’s when I go out the other studio door,  into the gardens and just walk.

Bugs and I look at new colors, changes in growth  and how the seasons show up in the gardens .

I look at her gray muzzle, her clouded eyes and think I won’t be able to do this forever…

That brings tears to my eyes.

What get’s me out of that sad place…

…the next change I see in the gardens and who I’m going to deliver to.

The reasons for the  delivery.

The WHY …

…how my flower designs can connect each of us .

Together is a good place to be.

fall bouquet




  1. Alicia

    Beautifully written and a great reminder to drink it all in! ??

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