County Fair, Rodeo and Summer Heat

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My first time to the town I’ve lived in for 40 years it was over 100 degrees on the day we showed cattle at the county fair. My mascara was running through my eyes, burning and I thought how can people live here?
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Things haven’t changed much in the temperature during the county fair since then. It’s looking at 107 at least on show day.
The grandkids are showing heifers, we are helping them learn the ropes.grandkids/fair

The Farm-City Pro Rodeo is in its second year of a new home and although I thought this year might be easier in the landscaping and irrigation department it isn’t. Late nights, long days in the heat for 28 years volunteering. There is fulfillment in volunteering and taking pride in doing a job

I have learned to take two weeks off from weddings in our gardens and from flowers for weddings at this busy time.
I still take local orders and so I’m not totally out of the studio.
I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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