Comfort and cheer of the season …

The studio is bustling with the smells of cedar, pitch of pine and the excitement of sending both

comfort and cheer.

Sending love by means of flowers  this season has never been so appreciated by the smiles I see at a every door.

holiday centerpiece


From the bounty of the gardens: the greens, the contorted filbert branches and magnolia leaves set this design apart as one-of-a-kind.

This centerpiece is traveling 3 hours to its destination, via semi-truck and then picked up, I’ve been wanting this delivery to happen and it is! (I’m writing this with tears of happiness).

For me  I see both ends of  local delivery flowers…I get the order and know what the card says and then I see the faces of those who receive the flowers, kind of a full circle of connections.

It’s the extra effort, the extra love and the sharing of our love with others…

Thank you so much for all the tremendous amount of holiday orders this season.

I’m so appreciative of the support and love to myself and my small business.

‘Thank you’ to everyone  who ordered and to those who enjoy seeing the designs.

Wishing  everyone far and near the warmth, comfort and joy of the holiday season!


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