Carnival Dream…7 days in one post ( warning)!

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First stop in the Bahamas. The boys loved the water.

Back in the water at Megan’s Bay St.  Thomas  .

Or on the beach in some shade.

Or napping in your life vest.

Back in the clear water.  There were so many  diving birds and pelicans here.

Even the adults enjoyed/or not the water!

Vacation with family and friends.

Missing one the entire trip.

In the water this time at St. Maartin.

On the beach.

Afternoon nap on the beach.

Carnival Dream ship in the background. (Yes, we knew about the Italian ship and we did the safety training first thing on the ship).

Waiting patiently for dinner to be served.

The boys will be looking for butter knives, multiple goblets and dessert choices now.

Time for lots of discussion between courses!

Every night a different towel animal and chocolates!

Thanks for enjoying our trip.


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