Boutonnieres… use both pins

Boutonnieres (french word)  are flowers worn on a jacket lapel or shirt  … keeping them simple, sturdy and one of a kind is how I like to approach making them.

Once they are done,  placed in a box that tells who they are for …they are given to either a wedding planner, day of  coordinator, mother or  friend of the family.

This is what could happen …

sad boutonniere Lots of hugs and love will be shared with a boutonniere.

sad boutonniere,


How to avoid this from happening?

Two pins in the box ‘need’ to be used.

One through the stems.

One through the bloom/ leaf.

Both pins go under the lapel, on the wearers left side, so you don’t see them.



Two photos below  show the correct way a boutonniere should look on a lapel.

I wish I could pin on every boutonniere.

Use ‘both’ pins… please.






















 Photo by Alex Lasota Photography 

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