Peony bouquets

May flowers, basically peony blooms that are harvested locally are in all my bouquets. Our wedding season started about three weeks ago and I am so excited to put all the planning/paper/notes into actual flowers. In most cases the brides and I have spent time with  emails about details, so now it is  time for flowers  to happen!

photos by the SweetLife Photography

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peony bridal bouquet


Invitation to you …

I’d like to personally invite all of my followers to a great event.

Taylored Living Magazine‘s spring release of the magazine at Hedges Family Estate in Benton City, Wa.

taylored living magazine Go to and click on subscribe, fill out the information and you will receive the free magazine. You can pick it up at the event this Saturday, or you can receive it e-mailed.

Your subscription  is your ticket into the event so register before you go.  ( you can’t copy this post)

We will see you there in person and in print!



Bennett Botanical Gardens

A team effort… flowers involved

Only because there were flowers involved did I agree to this day. I’d known for a few weeks that we were doing a photo shoot for  Taylored Living Magazine. As much as I dislike having my photo taken, there was no way I was going to escape this happening. It took a great group of small business professionals/who are also friends  to help me that morning. Thank you to each of them for being my confidence that day…you are all ‘rock stars’.

Make up…beautybyjess on facebook & instagram

Shirt…Andee’s Boutique on facebook & instagram

Photo…The Sweet Life Photography on facebook & instagram

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Ranunculus …how beautiful

ranunculus, spring The ‘SweetLife Photography’ took this photo  of these beautiful peach ranunculus.  Using ranunculus in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres or corsages are a favorite of mine. The color range  of ranunculus can fit with  any bride’s color pallet and the texture is… oh my. Can you tell I that when I got these beauties I wanted to just carry them around with me all day. If only they had a fragrance … Did you know that they are in the same genus  as buttercups?

Flowers on the radio and in the classroom

Being on the  local  radio show talking about what I’m doing in the studio, gardens and the local chamber of commerce is always such a fun morning. Angela is such a fun person to talk with about what is going on in our community. While there Delish Bistro always brings a sample of what is seasonal in the kitchen. It is always ‘delish’.

The ‘hundred hearts project‘  creator was on the radio that morning. She explained to us how gratitude changes everything  and listening that day was so encouraging. Make sure to click on the link to find out the entire story and find yourself encouraged too.


This event was brought to our community by the Good Shepherd Health Care System and a huge ‘thank you’ to them for always bringing these wonderful programs to our community.









One afternoon I helped the local high school class design bridal bouquets. Education by actually being hands on is such a good teacher.

Thank you for asking me.

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It’s been awhile… spring is here

Spring is my favorite time of the year because of tulips, daffodils, sunshine and the warmer days.

tulips, spring

I have been using parrot tulips all spring and their interesting edges, color combinations and some even have a two toned leaf.

The designs leaving the studio are local deliveries that bring   smiles when delivered and that makes me happy.

tulips, spring


In the greenhouse all the pots are planted and  we have three rolling carts that made the planting season so much easier. These carts were also used in a magazine photo shoot we did in the greenhouse for Taylored Living Magazine. The article and photos come out on April 13th. You can subscribe to the magazine on line and I’d encourage you to do so, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Mary . Enjoy spring!

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Flowers and kindess…it ties us all together

Flowers bring brides to me and me to them.

It’s a relationship built on trust & communication to celebrate the wedding day.

Afterwards, I’m anxious for the photos and to see  the happiness of the day.

Then the mail comes one day and it’s another day to celebrate.

How fortunate I am to be able to work with beautiful flowers and couples with the biggest hearts.

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Flowers, what you want & honesty

This is a beautiful, stunning bouquet using rich colors. David Austin garden roses called ‘tess’,

silver dollar eucalyptus, berries, blue thistle, seeded eucalyptus, the dramatic, flowing burgundy amaranthus,

a few pheasant feathers( provided by the bride and groom) and then hidden on the bouquet wrap was

a bracelet the bride’s grandmother never got to give her.

All of our meetings together were great, full of excitement and full of trust from the bride

towards me. The flowers were ordered, delivered …high quality, exactly what I wanted.

The long, flowing amaranthus comes in green, pink or red. The bride said she liked how it flowed

and liked the bright green, but left the color choice up to me. Explaining that the green might

have the look of a holiday wedding, I was honest with the bride and why I chose the burgundy/red colored  amaranthus.

Guiding the bride and educating the bride is part of what I do. 

Finding flowers on-line, on pintrest …can help give a direction.

As a professional in the world of flowers I have learned & experienced years of  being in the problem solving mode when

it comes to weddings and flowers and educating brides.

You can rely on me to be realistic  if flowers grow naturally in that color …

You can rely that If you want seasonal flowers I will help you with that choice…

You can rely that I will be truthful if I think those colors will look good together…

You can rely  that I will be upfront with you about any question or idea you have…

You can be assured I will do my best to accomplish your vision…


Your wedding day will be exactly as how it is supposed to be, because

you have trusted me

photos by the Sweet Life Photography


Feb. 14… flowers …

Valentine’s Day is only 20 days away. Share this post…

( photo by the Sweet Life Photography)

Flowers are always a fantastic, beautiful way to share how you feel.

Ordering flowers ‘early’ for February 14th is the key…

KRISanthemums makes sure that ‘every’ order is unique .

(This means that you do not have to order ‘red roses’, unless you want to).

If you have no idea what you want to order, I can help you figure that out.

How do you reach me:

1.  order through the web page at: and click on ‘order flowers’

2. email me at:

3. call me at 541/571-2172

4. text me at 541/571-2172

5. stop by the studio/call first

Know this information:

  1. Who do the flowers go to?
  2. Where are they to be delivered? (address)
  3. What is the date you want them delivered?
  4. What do you want the card to say?
  5. Budget?

Looking forward to helping you figure this out.







January refresh with flowers

January is a time where many creative businesses refresh, reflect and plan for the year ahead. 

Flowers fit right in with all those parts of my life and small business.

Enjoy the range from tropicals to refresh, bouquets to reflect upon and the new logo to help me plan ahead!

Enjoying tropical flowers helps me to look at another environment and imagine what could be the possibilities. It’s refreshing to get away and enjoy the sun,sand and warm water ! It is another perspective to look at your business, your town and your people from another location…you are refreshed when you come back.( Encouraging  everyone to get away when you can).


Looking back to wedding flowers in 2018 helps me to evaluate how the overall look was. It reminds me of the day itself (extremely hot) and how the bride was such a kind and wonderful person to work with. Each bride I worked with in 2018 was ‘really’ a blessing to work with!


Planning ahead with a new logo is a great start to the studio and how everything works there. As I am changing everything over I can see if  certain items need  a bit of an update or adjustment. There’s always room for improvement,  growth and I want that to happen for  my creative business.


The gardens are always getting updates and there are some coming for  2019. Starting with the room the bride gets ready in…new paint and new overall look!  More to come with all that…it’s big!



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