Behind the scene with flowers…

Flowers photograph so well, especially with natural light and when a professional does the photos!
the Sweet Life Photography


Each of us have our own ‘specialty’ or ‘passion’ or ‘lane’ and I try very hard to remain grounded to that thought.  The studio is my ‘happy place’ ,  where I design, create or challenge myself to go beyond what’s comfortable. Throughout the years KRISanthemums has grown and how I appreciate everyone who has helped along the way. At  times it would have been very easy to add retail, move to another location with more exposure and things like that, but I truly feel that if you find me and love flowers like I do we are meant to work together

Writing blog posts regularly is ideal,  but sometimes life and flowers take over. When I saw that it was last May since I’d written one, it made me not only embarrassed, but wondering how the time had went so fast. Granted there were  computer issues with the web site and updates ( thanks Nick for always keeping technology going) but I am trying to be more regular and to be more personal in each post.

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Summer bouquets …

It’s definitely fall flowers for upcoming  wedding bouquets, where did the summer go? I hope you enjoy the summer bouquets that I designed and thank you to all the brides who were truly wonderful to work with for this special day!  It’s fun to see them in a gallery! Which is my favorite? All of them of course! Photos by the Sweet Life Photography…thank you for shooting these for me.




Send some love…

For Mother’s Day send  flowers that make your mom feel good, a reminder of how much you care !

Flowers that are kept cool, the water changed every 3-4 days and the stems of the flowers are re-cut at an angle every time you change the water will help your flowers last longer.

Below is another sneak peak of what we are working with Frenchie’s Originals on.





Added Gift for Mother’s Day

Just for the first 24 orders, I am working with Frenchie’s Originals to gift each order for Mother’s Day a ‘special gift”. It is hand made, local and designed just for your mom. Can’t share exactly what it is , but here is a sneak peak!




Mother’s Day !

Every design that leaves my studio is ‘one of a kind’.

It might be the vase or the selection of blooms or the garden elements, but every order is unique as is your mom! Being different or one of a kind is a good thing, in flowers and in our mothers.

Order your bouquet using spring flowers, local peony blooms with that added touch that it was designed ‘just for your mom’.

Here are some ideas….

spring designs

spring delivery

tulip & ranunculus time

Spring tulips  and ranunculus are featured in designs that  have been leaving the studio.Tulips from Holland, the Netherlands, my gardens or the Pacific Northwest have been used in these designs and some beautiful -gorgeous ranunculus from ‘local’ grower Peterkort Roses.

Safe , local delivery to porch, curbside or I can call ahead. Designs similar to the ones shown here can be ordered through the web site  under the heading ‘order flowers’ . Thank you to everyone who has supported my small business, by ordering flowers  …I appreciate you!

The last few weeks of local deliveries have been some of the most rewarding for me and it shows how much flowers can do for your mental and emotional well being!

Enjoy the photos of the seasonal tulips!


Good Thursday morning and thank you for coming to my blog.

Today I wanted to tell you some things about KRISanthemums that you might not know.

blog post 1. The name:  my son-in-law, Matt came up with the name KRISanthemums and at the time I wasn’t too sure. If my name was in the business title, I couldn’t really hide and so it was a leap for me to do this. To see KRISanthemums on everything printed took awhile to get used to, but I know it was the right move.

2. The first wedding bouquet made by me, was 18 years ago.

3. When I was asked to make another bouquet, I realized that I wanted to do this as a business. This meant licenses, permits, insurance, bonds, etc. and all the big stuff to run business. As the business increased and I needed more …I worked hard to pay for that as I needed it. Not overextending myself or having loans in the back of my mind was something that I chose as a business plan.

4. I had always loved flowers, loved the gardens but I knew what that meant …for me to grow I  would have to continue to educated myself and learn. Happily, I can say for the last 17 years I have done that each year( although the expense of that is crazy). Taking hands on classes, certified classes, seminars and other opportunities to learn has kept me excited about what I do.

5. At first I started out just doing a few events, out of the garage. I got a small flower cooler and then we built in the gardens a small area for me to use for flowers and for brides to use when we had events. This meant that before each event I had to move and put away/clean up things each time. After a few years of that, one day I looked at out two car garage and said its full of stuff…that is when the studio became the place it is today. It was with the help of others that the studio became a reality and I appreciate all of them who helped me in that journey of getting it built. You know who you are!

6. Having a dedicated space to work in is the best thing ever and having it as a home studio is a true blessing.  Starting laundry or moving water in the gardens can happen anytime and I have the flexibility to do that! Separating work space from home space is a bit harder though with the studio being within the 5 acres of gardens. For me it is a positive and a balancing act  I walk every day.

7. It’s usually just me in the studio and with some things I call in my husband to carry, lift, climb, critique or harvest from the gardens or greenhouse. Doug challenges me to be better each day in the studio.

8.  I’m a list person, checking off a list or completing a task is how I run.  When I’m in the middle of a project that’s pretty much my focus and everything else disappears. At times it is hard to shut down that drive and just relax, but that is a work in progress.

9. As the business grew( other than just wedding flowers)  and demands for other types  flower designs started coming in I adapted. Today I deliver locally and focus on seasonal flowers and designs that are original to each order. When people place an order, I look at it this way: they found me, wanted my unusual style and I am extremely happy with that.

10. Providing my clients with a unique design and great customer service is something I try very hard at every day. That is the reason it is just me in the studio and I haven’t expanded further. Not having a retail storefront or being a part of a national delivery service is what I’ve been told over the years should be my next step…but for me bigger isn’t better. I want to meet, greet and be able to offer a fabulous product to clients. It’s the interaction and the connection with each person that  is the joy of my business.

So that’s 10 things about me and KRISanthemums.

I hope you enjoyed it !

P.S. I love tulips, it’s spring, send tulips to brighten the day…

(photo above by the Sweet Life Photography)


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