Daily Flower Business…

fall blooms

Coffee in hand, into the studio I go.

It’s time to make sure the daily deliveries are ready, organized.

Taking incoming orders and answering questions.

Thinking ahead to scheduling, orders, emails, text messages or direct messages.

Some days it just doesn’t go as planned.

That’s when I go out the other studio door,  into the gardens and just walk.

Bugs and I look at new colors, changes in growth  and how the seasons show up in the gardens .

I look at her gray muzzle, her clouded eyes and think I won’t be able to do this forever…

That brings tears to my eyes.

What get’s me out of that sad place…

…the next change I see in the gardens and who I’m going to deliver to.

The reasons for the  delivery.

The WHY …

…how my flower designs can connect each of us .

Together is a good place to be.

fall bouquet




Design Class for November 23rd

Fall brings the highly requested design classes back !

Saturday, November 23rd at 1:00 pm

Location:  Anelare Winery in Benton City, Wa.

We will be designing a container with succulents. I have several different varieties of succulents you will place into your container and we will discuss the care and watering of succulents.

succulent bowls

( NO cut flowers at this class, only succulents)

Cost is $60. Must RSVP to either me or Anelare, class limited to 20 guests


Destination Wedding Flowers

The flowers for this wedding took a trip on an airplane( without me).

I’m guessing they were under the seat, so I packaged them just in case.

fall wedding bouquet















They flew from the Tri-Cities, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona.

Thank you for trusting me to make them for you, wishing you both  happiness.

wrist corsage


wrist corsage

Wrist Corsage…succulents

Wrist corsages from KRISanthemums are pretty special.

People who order them from KRISanthemums do so because they want something simple,  different and unique.

I’ve always felt and said  that the clients who find me and order are my ideal clients.

With many options for flowers, I really appreciate those clients that order from  me.

Here are different angles of a wrist corsage and the coordinating boutonniere for a homecoming evening.

It is definitely seasonal, because of the small acorn, which fell from my oak tree.



wrist corsage

wrist corsage

wrist corsage

Boutonnieres… use both pins

Boutonnieres (french word)  are flowers worn on a jacket lapel or shirt  … keeping them simple, sturdy and one of a kind is how I like to approach making them.

Once they are done,  placed in a box that tells who they are for …they are given to either a wedding planner, day of  coordinator, mother or  friend of the family.

This is what could happen …

sad boutonniere Lots of hugs and love will be shared with a boutonniere.

sad boutonniere,


How to avoid this from happening?

Two pins in the box ‘need’ to be used.

One through the stems.

One through the bloom/ leaf.

Both pins go under the lapel, on the wearers left side, so you don’t see them.



Two photos below  show the correct way a boutonniere should look on a lapel.

I wish I could pin on every boutonniere.

Use ‘both’ pins… please.






















 Photo by Alex Lasota Photography 


Although they were married earlier in the year in Las Vegas( just the two of them) they wanted to share a fun evening with their friends and family. The weather  wasn’t cooperating much, so we moved them and their 60 guests inside the greenhouse for a few hours! Friends, family, great food and music…a perfect evening for everyone to celebrate! CONGRATULATIONS !  photos by the Sweet Life Photography 




Truly amazing …

photo by Alex Lasota Photography

It was December of 2018 when I met Lauren, Allen  and her parents. It seemed like we all were on the same page and from there it was so easy to design everything for their big day. Was it because they were both WSU grads…( go Cougs) maybe!   They were very trusting, relied on my years of experience and together that was the perfect combination for all of us to put together an incredible day! They hired WGWeddings to plan, coordinate and execute the flawless day. Cold temperatures, a bit of wind and maybe a few showers were nothing for the beautiful location at Terra Blanca Winery. These are some  of my photos and will share the professional images from Alex Lasota when they come. Enjoy!

Monday morning flowers…

To start your Monday off with beautiful flowers!

A week ago Saturday we made the journey to  Grass Valley for a wedding. We arrived at 7 am and  placed flowers where they went on the arch for the ceremony, placed all the ones for centerpieces on one table, bouquets went into an extra fridge  and we were off to get back for two more wedding flower deliveries that day.  It took months of organizing, scheduling, counting, re-counting, looking at lists multiple times, preparing containers early in the week and Kalene and I were completely finished at 7pm on Friday night! That was planned as we left at 4 am to start delivering for the day!

Below are photos from a friend of the bride’s mother and a huge ‘thank you’ to her for sharing these with me!

Can’t wait for the photographers photos.

Congratulations to Jana and Brent, wishing you both much happiness!

ceremony flowers









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