Projects: Gardens and Flowers

This time of the year the gardens and the studio have projects happening. There is paint and more paint in the studio.

Local flowers are being delivered and meetings  talking beautiful flowers for weddings  fill the calendar.

The garden entrance is a complete transformation. Plants,  structure and pavers are gone.

Here’s a few ideas that might happen in the entrance.

Lasting longer flowers …

Valentine’s Day is coming, here are some tips to help you! Order soon…or drop a hint 🙂

Cut flowers can last and you can enjoy them with a few tips:

Keep them in a cool place, away from heat and direct sunlight

The water needs to be kept clear and clean…  may need to change it every few days, when you take the stems out of the water, cut at an angle and put back into clean water.

Keep away from fruit ( pears, apples, bananas and anything that produces ethylene gas).

Some flowers last longer than others:  carnations are long lasting, chrysanthemums are long lasting…roses and Gerbera don’t last as long.

Hydrangea stems can be dipped in alum and then into vase water to help take water up the stem to the florets.

Leaves or  debris below the water level will create bacteria …not a good thing.

Tulips will follow the light and grow that direction… if you’ve wondered why they are taller or curve towards a certain way..

Make sure that the bottom of your vase is dry before you place it on furniture…










Entrepreneurs…dreams become so much more

Flowers warm my heart and excite how I feel on a daily basis.

local delivery

Finding others that have the same passion for what they are doing and watching them along the way is so encouraging to me.

Signing up for the new  discovery+ channel was easy, especially when you can skip all the advertisements.

Following the flower farmer ‘Floret’ on instagram had me even more intrigued to watch their show. I’ve watched it three times and love it every time.

Then I watched ‘the Lost Kitchen’ and that was such a lovely and encouraging show about her dream, her passion and how she loves what she does. I’ll watch it again for sure.

Watching ‘Magnolia Table’  was ‘real’ and  I think I’ll make baklava  and I’ll start to cook a bit more.

Seeing people who had a dream( or a passion) , worked hard and made that dream become so much more beautiful than they could believe.

It was a good time watching these shows and thought you’d enjoy finding something positive to enjoy.






That moment…

old greenhouse

Tonight I watched ‘Floret’ on Discovery+ and it was hard to hold back the tears…she shared the hard times, the hard work, the dreams, the reasons and where she is today.

KRISanthemums and Bennett Botanical Gardens had the same  hard start… as a dream, driven with passion and a lot of hard work to where we have forged our own path.

The above photo is our original ( 21×57′)  greenhouse and the photo below is where we are today ( 35’x102′ x 21′ ceilings).



Flowers Brought Smiles in 2020…

In 2020 I noticed more than ever, flowers brought smiles to those who were delivered fresh flowers from KRISanthemums. 

Flowers always bring smiles and that is a common emotion I receive and love.

Especially when delivering in 2020 I wanted to connect with everyone, to smile(through a mask) and to hug a lot of them( although I couldn’t).

Thank you to everyone who ordered flowers from KRISanthemums in 2020 ! I truly appreciate you and would be happy to work with you again.

Wishing you a great evening to send 2020 out the door…

Happy New Year’s Eve !





Comfort and cheer of the season …

The studio is bustling with the smells of cedar, pitch of pine and the excitement of sending both

comfort and cheer.

Sending love by means of flowers  this season has never been so appreciated by the smiles I see at a every door.

holiday centerpiece


From the bounty of the gardens: the greens, the contorted filbert branches and magnolia leaves set this design apart as one-of-a-kind.

This centerpiece is traveling 3 hours to its destination, via semi-truck and then picked up, I’ve been wanting this delivery to happen and it is! (I’m writing this with tears of happiness).

For me  I see both ends of  local delivery flowers…I get the order and know what the card says and then I see the faces of those who receive the flowers, kind of a full circle of connections.

It’s the extra effort, the extra love and the sharing of our love with others…

Thank you so much for all the tremendous amount of holiday orders this season.

I’m so appreciative of the support and love to myself and my small business.

‘Thank you’ to everyone  who ordered and to those who enjoy seeing the designs.

Wishing  everyone far and near the warmth, comfort and joy of the holiday season!


Flowers always say it right…

To all of you who support my small business, by ordering gorgeous flowers…  I am truly thankful.

thankful, studio, small business

Each day in 2020 we all tried to  support our community, our clients, our friends and our family  with care and compassion. Although it wasn’t always easy, we all pushed through and kept showing up. It was because of ‘you’ my terrific clients that it was possible for me.

It is my wish that flowers from KRISanthemums …

melted hearts; surprised someone special; shared tender moments; extended your heart and said what you couldn’t ( because of distance).

With my gratitude and affection,


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