It’s the time of year…

Once ‘thanksgiving’ design classes are over it seems like the’ Festival of Trees’ , Ladies Day @ Andee’s Boutique and Lucky Endz, holiday parties   and the xmas centerpiece design classes  are right around the corner.

Designing for all  events  takes scheduling,  planning and logistics. Coming up with new ideas starts when the last event is over and a year to plan.

It is challenging, stretches the imagination and exciting all at once!

Make sure to follow along and enjoy the winter design time coming from the studio!


holiday centerpiece




Thanksgiving Centerpiece Design Class

All materials includes flowers and container to take home and enjoy!

I will walk you through designing your very own beautiful centerpiece.

Class will take place inside the greenhouse at the gardens.

Cost is $60.00 per centerpiece

Please RSVP to me at 541/571-2172

or email me at:

I can’t wait to share how much I love flowers and how great the greenhouse is to

design in.   There will be treats and a few surprises!

Bring your questions and we will have a question and answer time while we design!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year…come join me.

Chrysanthemums @Longwood Gardens


We just returned from the Chrysanthemum festival at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia. The experience was so worth the time, expense and inspiration. Enjoy the photos!



Beautiful brides and KRISanthemums florals


How beautiful are these…                                                                             Shana Bailey Photography


photos by karisalynnphoto


Favorite moment…

 Giving the bride her bouquet is a favorite moment of all …

Sharing with her the intimate details of  the handkerchief wrapped around the stems and seeing her smiles- tears.

Each bride is different and each bride means the world to me. Each one has their own way and I love that about each one.

Thank you to all the brides, you are all what makes me love wedding flowers so much!

Thank you  @honeybeeweddingsmt for sharing the photos! photo by Honeybee Weddings

The groom…

The boutonniere holds special meaning to the groom. A delivery was made to me in Pendleton, from Bend with a container of this red paintbrush in side. The delicate, dried bloom waited for this wedding day.

Meaningful details will be remembered in photos forever. Thank you for trusting me .

 photo by   Groom’s Attire: @menswearhouse wedding coordinator: @malmal1920//Breathtaking Wedding & Event Planning @winnhomestead

The bride…

 Weddings are  celebrating how the bride and groom  feel and how they want that to be is ‘normal’.

For this couple it was just the bride and groom. Congratulations to them for having their wedding ‘exactly’ how they wanted.

What a gorgeous image of her bouquet, thank you to for sharing these images with me!

Photographers who share their images and tag the vendors are ones I recommend to brides!

Ranunculus, roses, carnations, sedum, lambs ear, peach stock and wax flower.


It’s time…

Every fall,  for a really long time, Doug and I say we need to go visit Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Every fall,  weddings, sprinklers, events, organizations we belong to and anything else gets in the way.

This year we are going to enjoy the ‘chrysanthemum festival’ at Longwood Gardens.  I’ll be taking and sharing lots of photos on Instagram @kriskrisanthemums if you want to follow along.

This also means that the studio ‘KRISanthemums’ and Bennett Botanical Gardens will be closed from Wednesday, October 27- November 7th.  After time with the family we will be back refreshed, renewed and ready to design for your holiday tables!

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Kris and Doug.




Bride and her tribe…and beautiful blooms

Dahlia season is a favorite of mine and you can see why! The simplicity of white blooms and the textures in the dahlias are oh so gorgeous. Thank you @columbiariverdahlias for your ever so beautiful, seasonal blooms! You never disappoint!

Thank you for sharing your images of such a beautiful day! Photographers who share their photos and tag the vendors are at the top of my list to recommend to brides!


wedding coordinator: @malmal1920 Venue: @winnhomestead Gown: @charlottesweddings Hair: @pheonixrich_beauty @true.beautysalon Makeup: @yesseniamua_@true.beautysalon

Thank you to Addie for being the perfect bride to plan flowers with! Wishing you all my best and a huge hug from me!

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