Behind every photo there is a story

When I posted ‘ We have an unfair advantage. We care more” Seth Godin

Here is what I do because I care more:

Designed for the table centerpiece for ‘Farm Fair’ banquet…The corn came from me driving to the corn field, I walked in the wet ground to the actual stalks and pulled them off. It pays to have connections …
These succulents were ordered just for this design and container.
This aisle meant that I crawled on my hands and knees the entire length with glue, paint and petals. Thankful for my assistant.
Never had I made this hanging installation before, but I knew it had to happen.
Making sure the important and meaningful details are covered.
Distance, destination and pets aren’t a problem …

From weddings, to funerals to everyday projects and designs, I can promise you I will do my very best to design an original for you and care more.

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