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Good morning and welcome to my blog.

It is where I show you the photos of designs and events we are a part of.

 Although I tend to keep the words and descriptions to a minimum…wouldn’t you really rather look at beautiful flowers than read paragraphs of words from me?  But, I have been trying to improve my flower presence/business and this is one step that I was challenged with. So here it goes. 

After a full weekend of wedding flowers, I have already cleaned the studio, the  wedding flowers  still pop in and out of my mind with thoughts of pleasure and then asking myself would I have done something different, or what did I learn ?   Standing on concrete for 8-12 hours is exhausting, but the end product makes the work worth it.

Now on to checking emails, re-reading lists, notes and sending emails to the bride for  this coming week. Thank goodness there is a Sunday to do this type of thing.

Scheduling to see if my ‘professional photographer’ aka/Shara/ the Sweet Life Photography will  be able to come take some shots of the bouquet before it leaves the studio. Every time I look at her photos I am so thankful that she is willing to do this for me. I really do appreciate it.

In a couple weeks I am taking a 3 day design class, that I am excited and nervous about at the same time. Learning is the exciting part, working with other like minded flower people is exciting, the drive at night in a rental car is the not exciting part.

Right after returning I have a lovely wedding and a unique bridal event that is making my creative mind go in overdrive right now. I have to have a concrete idea of what I am doing within the next two days.

Pressure to  design the original, the unique, the one idea not used before. This may involve some sleepless nights until that light comes on moment.

The business end of the creative is probably the hardest for me.

Holding fast to contracts, not adjusting or making changes that aren’t good for my business.

KRISanthemums  wants to please each client that comes to us. We want a great experience and we will try our best.

Hope you have a great week.






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