Air plant, succulent and feathers bouquet

This beautiful bouquet was simply made of a large air plant, a large succulent and an entire side of feathers from a pheasant. I added in argonis grass, showing the black color, blue thistles and white ranunculus. Copper was the accent color and this was found in the feathers and the trailing ribbon in the bride’s bouquet. The groom was so very proud when he brought me all these feathers and I was amazed at the beautiful colors in each of the feathers that were so very soft. The colors ranged from light blue, gray, brown and actually a bronze, gold to almost orange. Never before had I worked with the entire side of a pheasant( yes I was a bit nervous), I’ve used single feathers many times but this was different. Both the bride and groom were fabulous to work with and I appreciate them trusting me with something that meant so much to them both.
Congratulations and I hope you are having a fabulous time in Hawaii.
bridal bouquet
photos by Ensign Photography
bridal bouquet
You can see the beautiful color of copper in the feathers and matching ribbons in this photo.

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