About Me

Being raised among tulips, daffodils and dahlias in Washington I learned at a young age the beauty  of flowers. Worked as a high school intern in a local flower shop, then moved east to WSU, married and moved a bit south to Eastern Oregon.

It’s been over 18 years that my flower journey began. I’ve worked hard, accomplished goals and made a point to go beyond what is expected for my clients. Each year I make sure to continue my education by taking hands on workshops, classes and seminars that will improve my skills and creativity. I have studied with some of the best in the industry: Paula Pryke, Ariella Chezar, Max Gill, David Beahm, Amy Osaba, Alicia Swede, Francoise Weeks, Holly Chapple and more.

The 750 sq. ft. studio is located within walking distance of my home/gardens  and that is a privilege I am very lucky to have. When I need encouragement or inspiration I can walk outside the studio doors and harvest branches, blooms and enter the greenhouse for succulents too.

KRISanthemums regularly donates to local auctions, fund raisers and community organizations. I appreciate the support I receive throughout the area and show that by contributing either flowers, time or services.


Did you know ?

  1. Raised where beautiful blooms are everywhere and lots of rain.
  2. Went to college and raised my family in  Eastern Oregon.
  3. Married to a passionate tree and garden guy
  4. 3 grown children with great spouses
  5. My grandchildren love to come run in the gardens &  I love them being here.
  6. Our entire family goes on a vacation every 2 years together.
  7. Enjoy a splash of bourbon  in my coke.
  8. Enjoy  dark chocolate.
  9. Board member of the local chamber of commerce.
  10. Enjoy the challenge of creating unique designs.
  11. Quality flowers for you is my signature.
  12. Seasonal flowers are my favorite.
  13. Started my business for clients who want the original and unique.
  14. Everyday is one of honesty and integrity for my  clients.
  15. My studio is located in a beautiful gardens where I find inspiration