The business of being a small business

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KRISanthemums and Bennett Botanical Gardens are both small businesses that share the creative, beauty and pleasures that draw those to them.
Providing excellent customer service to clients is a very important element in both. Each client has their own circumstances and needs. Trying to accommodate that for some is easier than others. We try our best, but at times that isn’t enough.
As small businesses we have contracts that have been created legally for us and they provide for both ourselves and the clients.
Upholding those legally binding contracts makes it easy and yet difficult when emotions are involved.
Unfortunately we are required to protect ourselves from circumstances in the past that we have learned from.
Bennett Botanical Gardens requires a signed contract and payment in full to be reserved for an event.
Appointments to do so are not the same, because there is no signed contract or exchange of monies.
We try at all times to make appointments in the evenings and weekends to accommodate our clients.
As a small business we cannot tip the scales between the legal and the emotional for one over another client.
Here is to a busy, full wedding season !

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