Have you wondered why?

Being a studio florist means you can’t find me on Main Street with a beautiful window decorated for the holidays, or shelves filled with everything from scents to clothes.
Have you ever wondered WHY ?

It’s not a simple answer.
time, staff, stocking merchandise, location and cost/value.
Complicated answers:
My work is art and I want my customers to experience value from KRISanthemums.

This is how I am able to accomplish that.
I love working in my quiet studio where I can think, not be distracted and let whatever creative feelings I have go into what I am designing. When the order comes to me personally, because it takes a lot of effort from YOU to reach me and I so much appreciate that you CHOOSE me …I have the ability to give you my undivided attention to all the details. The ability to walk through the 5 acres of gardens to find inspiration in each season is a tremendous benefit to the studio being in the gardens. It is also great to start a load of laundry, the dishwasher and walk the few feet out to the studio or to walk into the house and sew the personalized fabric for a wedding bouquet. One fact I can’t ignore and won’t … is that I am quite particular, a perfectionist, feel deeply about many things and dislike the politics of business or the world in general. It takes a lot of emotional effort for me to go to bridal shows, networking events, promote myself and my small business on a daily basis. It takes so much to ‘put myself out there’ and at times it can be exhausting, but the studio and gardens refresh me on a daily basis.

I will do my very best for you when you reach out to me.
I do appreciate you choosing me, because you do have other options.
I love flowers, love working with each special request and love the challenge of being unique.

With all the above said, I’m back to what I love doing in the studio…where you can find me.

Welcome and come in to the studio…

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