RSVP for Weddings?

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Its been a busy time meeting with brides/couples about their wedding plans. When the question comes up about how many centerpieces for their reception the answer is, “I’m not sure because we’ve heard that people don’t rsvp”.
Unfortunately that is a true statement.
Technology makes it so easy today to RSVP.
Do you RSVP for a WEDDING?

Why should you RSVP?

1. You receive an invitation to the wedding, the bride and groom feel you are important enough to receive one.
2. The couple and their family have planned for you to sit at a chair and table space and paid for that.
3. The couple and their family have paid for food/drink for you to enjoy while you are there.
4. They want to celebrate with you there.

5. If you can’t be there, RSVP please…

6. If you can be there, RSVP please…

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